Water treament in cooling systems (such as cooling towers, evaporative condensors, humidifiers, frozen water close circuits) with CALFA BAS

CALFA BAS has several advantages compared to other liquid chemical products available in the market as follows:

1. Neither toxic nor corrosive product

Unique for this application. It complies with environmental standard ISO 14001.

2. Does not need dosing pumps instalation and maintenance

The effectiveness life for the product is 6 months on water. It is a solid product inside in a plastic container, to be introduced in the water tank of the circuit near to pump filters with an slow melting activity that lasts for aprox. 200 days.

Easy to be handle. It is a concentrated product that has 3 functions in one (biocide, anti-scaling and anti-rust).


* Prevents and/or eliminates calcium scale, algae and/or biofouling and rust as well as corrosion in the cooling systems tanks, circuits and heat exchangers (Chillers).

* Prevents and/or eliminates bacteria and fungi growth in water including Legionella Pneumophila desease prevention

Temperature range could reduce the effect and/or the melting capacity for Bas in water. Anyway, it is effective on water with etilenglicol provided the water does not get frozen, up to 600 degrees celsius. The ideal perfromance is between 10-45 degrees celsius.

CALFA BAS is to be used in water and oil (soluble oil lubricant,robotics ) to clean and/or to keep clean cooling systems. It avoids the chemical cleaning of tanks, circuit, snootles…etc and chiller tubes manual cleaning.